University in the situation of the newest social dynamics: view in the context of EHU prospects

Ryhor Miniankou

  • Григорий Миненков


The author seeks to describe in the article those tendencies in
the contemporary higher education development, taking into account which of them are extremely topical for the survival and development
of the European Humanities University. The problem
is considered in the context of the latest social processes and proposed
theoretical models of their analysis (globalization, digitalization, cosmopolitanization, mobility, etc.). The main problem for
the contemporary university is how to teach students to live in
a world of supercomplexity and unknown future. This requires a
radical ontological turn in pedagogy. It is no accident that the return
to the ideas of liberal education is becoming more and more
popular today.The author proposes a number of recommendations, following which EHU, in his opinion, could find its place in
the world of the 21st century.


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