Metamorphoses of the humanities education

Makhnach Aliaksei

  • Алексей Махнач
Keywords: Humanities education, science, creativity, transformation, mediocrity, language of humanities.


The paper deals with issues and problems of modern humanities
education. The theme of the crisis of humanities education
arises for a number of objective factors – social, economic, and
political. The article addresses the relationship between humanities
and social sciences. The history of humanities education is
analyzed, as well as its components. The author draws attention
to the fact that the speed of transformation of human reality contributes
to the rapid formation of the problem field and the insufficiently rapid reaction of education to it. The paper focuses on the
aspect of experiencing in the learning process, as well as on the
importance of combining sensory and rational experience. Ultimately, this will lead to the acquisition by a potential student of his
or her own language, and the formation of authorship.


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