New meanings of the legal profession in the 21st century: Experience of EHU

Sokolova Alla

  • Соколова Алла
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, modernization of legal education, new paradigm of legal consciousness, intellectual lawyer, EHU Law Department.


One of the major challenges for the liberal arts, education, and
legal profession is the development of modern technologies and
artificial intelligence in the 21st century. Can artificial intelligence
overcome or alter human intelligence in the future, and replace
many professions, including legal ones? Can we expect any stability
of the legal profession in the labor market? Are all kinds of
legal activities to be executed by “robot lawyers”? How could one
portray an ideal intellectual lawyer? What competencies should
he or she possess in order not to compete, but rather cooperate
with a robot lawyer? In this article, the author makes an attempt
to give answers to these questions and present the vision of modernization of the profession of a lawyer in the 21st century. The author’s reflections are supported by illustrations from personal professional
experience, in particular, in the field of administration
of legal educational projects at European Humanities University.


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