Discourse of the University and the fate of knowledge in the era of digitalization

Viktoriya Kanstantsiuk

  • Константюк Виктория
Keywords: Discourse of the university, discourse of capitalism, knowledge, lack, education, individualization, lifelong learning, digitalization.


Digital technologies change the relationship between the
subject, knowledge and enjoyment (jouissance) of knowledge. As
Jacques Lacan said, “knowledge is the jouissance of the Other”.
Enjoyment allows you to see the limits of knowledge, because all
these categories are initially connected. What is knowledge and
the educational process, how are they transformed in connection
with sociocultural changes? What kind of remnants and enjoyment,
which are mostly opaque, the discourse of the master generates?
The main issue considered in this article is how the university
discourse tries to cope with these remnants at the present
stage under the influence of the discourse of capitalism and digitalization.


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