Academic supervision as a condition of effciency of students’ training

Svetlana Nazarenko

  • Назаренко Светлана
Keywords: Academic supervisor, academic supervision, training of researchers, role and functions of an academic supervisor, collective supervision, effectiveness of academic supervision, scholarly work, competences, readiness for an activity.


The article describes the supervision practices at the bachelor
and master level and the problems that occur in the process of
supervision, as a requirement for the development of a further
qualification programme for the academic supervisors. The article
also presents the results of an exploratory research devoted
to the questions of a re-interpretation of the academic supervision
practices in higher education institutions and to the analysis
of personal experience in the shaping of the competences of an
academic supervisor. The basis of the research is formed by the
interviews with the academic supervisors and students of the
European Humanities University (EHU) in Lithuania, expert interviews
at the National Research University “Higher School of
Economics” in the Russian Federation, questionnaires, regulatory
documents of academic supervision at the EHU, and the monitoring
of the bachelor theses defended at the EHU in 2013-2017.


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