• Povilas Senūta
Keywords: Lacan, subject, psychoanalysis, fantasy, politics


[In English]

The Lacanian psychoanalysis has long since become one of the modes of the methodological approach for the political and philosophical studies, but the question whether the Lacanian subject may be comprehended as a philosophical phenomenon remains urgent. This is due to several reasons, one of which is the question: how useful is Lacan for philosophical and (or) political studies? Here another – and no less important question arises – how does the subject of psychoanalysis enrich all humanitarian sciences and particularly – philosophy? By casting doubts over the very possibility of the subject, Lacan shows that the imagined subject, as an integral structure, does not stand against the psychoanalytical criticism. Not merely for the reason, that its integrity is objected to by the concept of unconsciousness, but also because the integral subject is impossible due to the never-ending chain of the signifiers of the language itself.


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