Мілітарныя абрысы культу Божай Маці Жыровіцкай у XVII ст.

  • Генадзь Сагановіч Европейский гуманитарный университет


(па беларуску)

Military aspects of the Cult of Lady of Žyrovičy in 17th century
Hienadź Sahanovič / Генадзь Сагановіч
The icon of the Virgin Mary of Žyrovičy (Western Belarus) originally belonged to Orthodox Church and was considered miraculous, but from the beginning of the 17th century, when local population started to convert to the Unia, until 1839 it belonged to the Basilian Order. During those times it became legendary for miracles and turned into one of the most famous in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The author considers the little-known aspects of the Cult of the Lady of Žyrovičy related to several wars waged in the 17th century in Belarus. It turns out that the local nobility and the townspeople claimed that the Lady of Žyrovičy helped them in the war against Moscow and the Zaporozhian Cossacks. It was also believed that Moscow troops were defeated in 1660 near Polonka thanks to the patronage of the Lady. In general, from this point of view the icon of the Virgin Mary of Žyrovičy played nearly the same role in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as the Black Madonna from Częstochowa in the Polish Kingdom.


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