Вайна і памяць у Расіі, Украіне і Беларусі

  • Julie Fedor School of Historical and Philosophical Studies of the University of Melbourne
  • Simon Lewis Institute of Slavic Studies of the University of Potsdam
  • Татьяна Журженко Department of Political Science of the University of Vienna


(па беларуску)

War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
Julie Fedor, Simon Lewis and Tatiana Zhurzhenko /Джулі Фёдар, Сайман Льюіс,
Таццяна Журжэнка
This introductory essay, an adapted translation (from English) of an opening chapter of an edited volume, begins with a discussion of World War II memory in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, in light of the recent and ongoing war in Ukraine. It outlines the main contours of the interplay between “memory wars” and real war, and the important “post-Crimean” qualitative shift in local memory cultures in this connection. Next, the essay sketches out the specifics of the war memory landscapes of the region, and then of each of the three individual countries, before moving on to introduce the key organizing themes and findings of the book.


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