Парафіяльная хроніка Ішчальнскага касцёла

  • Кірыл Сыцько Цэнтральны навуковы архіў НАН Беларусі. Інстытут гісторыі НАН Беларусі


(па беларуску)

The Parish Chronicle of the Iščalna Church
Syćko Kirył / Кірыл Сыцько
The parish chronicles of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus are a unique type of historical sources of the first third of the 20th century. The first attempts to encourage the priests to create these documents were made during the Russian Empire. They failed. Later, in 1925, and then in the early 1930s, regular attempts were made to start keeping chronicles. Archbishop Romuald Yalbzhikovsky hired professional historians to chart the creation of the document. As a result, sporadic parish chronicles began to appear. The Chronicle of Iščalna is one of the clearest examples of such historical sources. Created in 1932, the document contains a description of real historical facts about events in the parish in 1515–1932, as well as legendary memories of villagers. The parish chronicle consists of six sections, each of which describes a certain section of the cult and social life of the area, whose inhabitants attended the church in Iščalna. This article proposes an  archeographically processed text of a historical source.


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