The Topology of the Socio-legal Identity


  • Андрей Артеменко
Keywords: topos, topology, identity, personality, state, citizenship, nation


[In Russian]

The article is dedicated to the problem of topology of the social identity. According to the author, the idea of topological approach to the problem of identity needs to change attitudes to the role of space of social self. The author shows how the ideas of the state and citizenship were changed in the social philosophy in twentieth century. Modernity is characterized by the changing of attitudes to the value of the political and social structures. Individualization of society has led to the changing of the importance of social roles of a person, and the appearance of a new operating structure of the human world. The author proves the necessity of a new topos formula of personality which reflects the status of equality, law activism and fundamental social and political transformation of society. A citizen means the actor of the social space who changes the circumstances of his/her being in the world. The idea of ‘returning of the actor’ and ‘personalization’ of the society revealed the interdependence of a person and the environment.


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