Cyborg normalized. Future life in a digital flow


  • Дмитрий Бойченко
Keywords: cyborg, liquid modernity, adiaphorization, silent intelligence, digital surveillance, trust and transparency


[In English]

The contemporary digital world suggests a new model of subject construction. In the center of new transformation is a life that happens inbetween the real and virtual dimensions. Made famous by Dona Haraway cyborg as a cultural hybrid of biology and technology is a key definition if we want to talk about the digital subject simply because technologies became inseparable from their practices. Reality of the cyborg is twodimensional and can be partially seen: one side is consumer-friendly and shaped with a user interface and the second one is concealed as a general user does not know how gadgets work. This dualism first of all raises a question about the status of contemporary surveillance and different ways of its development. In turn, new practices of surveillance make us to reconsider the presence and the future of cyborg.


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