What is ‘An Existential Contribution’?


  • Edward F. Mooney
Keywords: Kierkegaard, Socrates, Existential Contributions, Existential Resolutions, Unsettled Identities, Kierkegaard’s Book Titles, Kierkegaard’s Pseudonyms


[In English]

What does Kierkegaard – or his pseudonym Johannes Climacus – mean when he announces, in the Postscript’s subtitle, that the book will provide “an Existential Contribution”? The varied history of ‘existential philosophy’ no doubt erupts from
this casual end to a subtitle. Rather than look at the contents of Kierkegaard’s books for an answer, I look at their strange and unsettling titles, subtitles, and author-attributions. "ey give important evidence for my claim that an existential contribution is a Socratic contribution. "e contents of these books arrive in distinctive ‘wrappings’ that foreshadow and e#ect a subtle Socratic, existential contribution.


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