Spatiality of Image


  • Илья Инишев Higher School of Economics
Keywords: Proliferation of images, iconic plane vs. physical surface, strong images, simultaneity, iconic inversivity, iconization of everyday life, пролиферация образного, иконическая плоскость vs. физическая поверхность, сильные образы, симультанность, иконизация повседневной жизни


[In Russian]

Images and space are involved into complicated and intricate
relationships with one another. On the one hand, homogeneous
physical space embraces articial and heterogeneous images.
On the other hand, images – at least that we call «strong»
images – embody speci!c space of their own, i.e. «iconic» space.
Thus images are a kind of double objects that exist simultaneously
in space and as a mode of space. #is distinctive feature of
images (or iconic objects) plays an important role in contemporary,
image-centered culture. Images become the key factor of
both our public and private life. From this viewpoint, to study
contemporary, visual culture means to pay more attention to
the specificity of iconic space. The letter is closely connected
with what we call the «iconic plane». The detailed analysis of
the iconic plane structure shows how in an image the materiality,
spatiality and meaning are interconnected. #is interconnection
makes a great di$erence between physical surface and
iconic plane. Iconic plane is not a part of physical space but
rather an event in which the primary spatiality comes to light.
As a result, images proliferating in contemporary culture are a
kind of instances which being both in social and physical spaces
permanently and inexplicitly change their parameters and configurations.


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