Trust as Gift to Community


  • Ольга Шпарага European Humanities University
Keywords: interaction, trust, social capital, Gift, mutual recognition, community


[In Russian]

In the text the e!ciency of complementarity of sociology of
trust and the social capital (F. Fukuyama) with the philosophy of
Gift and recognition (J. Patocka and М. Hena%) is proved. Such
complementarity allows to allocate a number of interacting elements
based on trust the major of which is mutual recognition.
One of the key conclusions of the article is the proposition that
the best means to solve the problems that can be solved only jointly
is the count on mutual respect and recognition that however are
not the end in themselves of interaction but serve it because they
are possible only inside of the interaction. &e aim of the interaction
in that case is the interaction itself, that is the maintenance
of that new space of actions and senses which cannot arise as a
result of a separate action or as a simple sum of separate actions
and demands trust between the participants, based on mutual
respect and recognition. &ereby it is suggested that the community
of the equal or the community of common cause should be
understood as that one based on mutual respect and trust to each
other. And it is this desire to create such communities that is seen
as a conductor of democratic transformations in Belarus. 19 December
2010 can be regarded as a marker of presence of such desire
in the Belarusian society, to be more exact in its certain part.


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