Biopolitics: Antigone’s Claim


  • Аудроне Жукаускайте
  • Лидия Михеева European Humanities University
Keywords: Antigone, ethical act, biopolitics, bare life, sovereign power, «homo sacer»


[In Russian]

The article tries to examine Antigone from the point of view
of how this character of Sophocles’s play incorporates the key
problems of modern biopolitics. !e author considers a number
of interpretations of this character (Hegel, Butler, Lacan, Žižek)
and traces the link between Antigone and homo sacer, described
by Giorgio Agamben. Using the analogy with Sophocles’s tragedy
the author also analyzes the phenomenon of «state of emergency»
and politics of exception that are realized in discrimination of refugees,
illegal migrants, detainees and stateless people.


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