Homini Dolorosi: Body in Search for Speaking


  • Вольга Гапеева
Keywords: medicalization, social body, self-mutilation (delicate cutters), doctor-patient communication, pain, the language of pain


[In Belarusian]

Understanding and treatment of the person is de!ned by the
current scienti!c paradigm for which the individual is an object,
subdued to the law of binary opposition. His/her normality and
adequateness is determined by how well he/she reproduces that
variant of reality that is considered to be established and generally
accepted. Medicine, being the institute of power, constantly
exercise control over bodies of individuals, carrying out its
controlling and punitive functions. "e process of medicalization
and transformation of physical bodies into social bodies depends
on such factors as gender, race, class and !nancial preferences of
institutes of health care and pharmaceutical corporations. "e
phenomenon of self-mutilation (body modi!cations) when being
caught by the medical eye is pathologized and mythologized in
accordance with patriarchal order. "e right for pain or pain relief
also get under the medical control while the body, detached from
ratio tries to speak itself up though the relevant signi!ers.


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