Versions of Community: From Identity to Being- With


  • Ольга Шпарага
Keywords: community, nation, identity, being-together, social capital, dissensus


[In Russian]

The text considers two stages of formation of the theories of community. At the first stage that comes from the sociological constructs of the late 19th – early 20th cc. the emphasis is placed on the concept of identity, and the community finds its embodiment in the concept of nation. The second stage is connected with the perception of the massacre of World War II and is embodied in the idea of non-substantive community and Nancy was the first to speak about it in the 1980s. We consider the structure of such a community relying on the concepts of ‘social capital’ (Robert Putnam), ‘being-together’ (Jean-Luc Nancy) and ‘dissensus’ (Bill Readings). Also the functioning of these models of the community is viewed in the Ukrainian and the Belarusian cultural contexts.


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